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Technology Drivers

Think about data in terms of how and/or with whom it connects.
IDC estimates 24 digital IDs for the average individual. If just 35% of the world population is included in the "average," the worldwide DIU sits at about 55 billion.

The "average" customer and employee will typically have more than 5 and fewer than 100 personal connections that he/she carries with him/her all of the time — all of which require issues of security, transaction, infrastructure, integration, and architecture to be addressed

Tech Project Funding

According to Functional Executives

61% of Technology projects are funded by the business

To provide guidance to the CIO community – We outline 5 decision imperatives that encapsulate the challenges and opportunities facing the CIO in the next two to four years

CIO Prioroties

Competitive Strategies

Strategic Architecture

Premature Obsolescence

Enterprise Data
1 CIO Priorities

By 2017, 80% of the CIO's time will be focused on:

  • Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Creating New Revenue Streams Through Digital Services

Evolution of the 3rd Platform will present CIOs with an opportunity to:

redefine their
job role

In their new role as a business peer, CIOs will need to:

  • Deliver new revenue streams
  • Mitigate business risks
  • Unleash the value of data

Q. In three years, what type of CIO will your CEO define you as?

Chief Innovation Officer:

Focus on delivering business innovation to increase revenues, margins, and new products.

Business Service Broker:

Focus on providing business service capabilities through internal and external sources for service excellence.

Operational CIO:

Focus on maintenance and operations to manage costs and risks.

CIO Priorities Guidance

Deliver innovation in three key areas: Big data/analytics, Cybersecurity, Becoming a 3rd Platform service broker.

Create a plug-and-play architecture, enabling LOBs to quickly integrate new solutions and ready-to-use services

Raise security governance, risks, and needs to the CXO level

Champion innovative, high-visibility business initiatives and a functional experimentation environment.

2 Competitive Strategies
  • By 2016, 65% of Global Competitive Strategies Will Require Real-Time 3rd Platform IT as a Service

Competitive Strategies Guidance

Look to the 3rd Platform as the preferred solution for new projects.

Rationalize the asset, application, and project portfolios to deliver variable-cost 3rd Platform capabilities with real-time ITaaS.

Educate LOBs about the competitive opportunities and integration requirements of 3rd Platform technologies.

3 Strategic Architecture
  • By 2016, 80% of CIOs Will Deliver a New Architectural Framework That Enables Innovation and Improved Business Decision Making


The demand for information and analytics will continue to skyrocket

Decentralization of IT sourcing (to the cloud) exacerbates integration and creates redundancy and complexity

Q: Has your organization established formal cloud architecture standards to be used when adopting new cloud services

This will quickly outrun the organization's ability to provide, manage, move, understand, or validate the data

55% of organizations are operating at a Core IT or 2nd Platform IT

Strategic Architecture Guidance

Create: a 3rd Platform reference architecture to enable strategic business transformation.

Implement: architectural frameworks to standardize security, integration, and ITaaS delivery.

Focus: on transforming data into relevant and valuable information with business impact.

4 Premature Obsolescence
  • By 2016, 80% of CIOs Will Accelerate 3rd Platform Migration to Counter Premature Obsolescence of Current IT Assets

A rash of Premature Obsolescence

A drag on IT's ability to move at the speed of business change.

CIO's credibility is challenged when ignoring sunk costs & moving to 3rd Platform solutions.

Top 4 Reasons the Business is Increasing its Tech Spend

My functional Area is becoming mor tech-savy

The link between technology and business results is increasing

Requirements to incorporate new technologies into legacy systems

We are able to access technology more easily because of cloud computing

Premature Obsolescence Guidance

Immediately assess current IT assets, and remediate all systems that are past EOM life cycle and security support.

Create migration strategies for assets where upgrades to current requirements are unaffordable or more expensive than replacement.

Design an approach which ensures simplification of the existing IT landscape allows for easy migration off legacy systems

5 Enterprise Data
  • By 2018, 30% of CIOs of Global Organizations Will Have Rolled Out a Pan-Enterprise Data and Analytics Strategy

Massive amounts of data are being produced and stored,

But less than 20% of the data is analyzed, and IT organizations cannot keep pace with the speed of data growth

  • "data is a critical asset."
  • accuracy of data is vital to business decisions
  • data should have stewards and governance
  • "data is a liability"
  • the impact of security, privacy, protection, and business confidentiality have increasingly large consequences
  • data loss or theft can result in brand damage, lawsuits, hundreds of millions of dollars of cost
  • Data should be managed with a similar diligence that the business applies to financial or physical assets.

    Framework that manages the acquisition, storage, movement, transformation, analysis, and governance of data.


Of Big Data Innovators deliver ROI for a typical Big Data Project in less than 6 Months


Of Big Data Innovators utilize advanced and predictive technologies as part of their strategy

Enterprise Data Guidance

Create new responsibilities and frameworks in concert with business owners and with security in order to drive business agility.

Feed analytics with a data architecture that integrates existing, new, and "big" data within a consistent framework.

Identify new opportunities to create new revenue streams linked to real-time and predictive capabilities.